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UStudy is proud to have assisted many hundreds of students, student-athletes and academic professionals from the Netherlands and other European nations, to live their dream of studying in the US. We love keeping in touch with our former clients and following their progress during, and after, their overseas experience. From time to time we even continue networking with some of our former clients (or their parents) in spreading the word about the opportunities that are available in studying in the US or Canada.


Who are great candidates?Someone who has been a former client of UStudy, who has had a wonderful experience studying in the US – either as a student, a student-athlete, or an academic professional – who would now like to share his or her experiences from time to time with others who are interested in heading to the US themselves, and fulfilling their own dream. Sometimes a UStudy Ambassador may also be an enthusiastic parent of one of our former clients, and in this instance they are able to provide a unique perspective from a parent’s/supporter’s point of view.

Answer a short question!

Sharing your experience almost cannot get any easier with these short questions! For articles on i.e. best summer activities in the US or What city you should hit in Canada, we are always looking for recommendations and experiences from your point of view. It could be as short as two sentences, as long as several paragraphs, you can add photos, videos, or nothing at all!
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Go Global Education Fair

Represent your school at the GGEF!

UStudy organises the annual Go Global Education Fair, where we often invite former students to represent their US or Canadian school. Our fair visitors often prefer the opportunity to speak with someone they consider to be a peer, someone they can ask what it really is like. We take great care of you, with complementary lunch, drinks and snacks. And you get paid, too!
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Independent presentations

UStudy frequently receives requests from high schools, sports clubs and other organizations to do a presentation about studying in the US or Canada from a local perspective. There are also several school fairs that are held throughout the year for which UStudy is invited to host a stand and answer general questions about studying in the US or Canada.
And you get paid, too!
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